Evgeny Tsykhmanov

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  • business architect;

  • Business systematization expert;

  • EX – CEO of a consulting company from the Top 10 PRAVO-300 in the industry;

  • EX – COO X10 Academy by Igor Rybakov;

Evgeny Tsykhmanov

Built a systematic business and lead generation of 300 leads per day with 900 selling Landing Pages on 15 landing sites and traffic from the Internet more than 800,000 visits per year in a conservative legal services field

Within the holding, he created and developed a separate project from 0 to 170,000,000 rubles. proceeds

I made a business presentation for 15 minutes after which I was called to work by number 70 on the Forbes list - Igor Rybakov

As an expert in business subsidies, help clients get more than 30,000,000 rubles of state support

Increased revenue: from 79,000,000 (2017) per year to 230,000,000 rubles. (2021)

From scratch, simultaneously launched 2 businesses in different niches (legal services and self-service coffee shops) with a total turnover for 8 months - 34 million rubles.


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